Bowling Green Ballpark Needs Your Votes!

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The Bowling Green Hot Rods are asking for your help to receive some national recognition.

Right now Bowling Green Ballpark is in the running to be featured in the 2013 Baseball America's Great Ballparks Calendar.

There are currently 24 teams involved, but it needs to be narrowed down to 12 teams through online voting.

The Hot Rods say having our ballpark featured would be a big deal for the area.

"You see those calendars pop up at calendar stores, everywhere. To have Bowling Green Ballpark featured on there would do something for this park that would kinda give it a little national recognition.," says Hank Fuerst.

The Hot Rods say the easiest way to vote is by visiting their Facebook page.

Click Here to visit the Hot Rods Facebook Page.

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