Bowling Green Chamber Hosts Annual Award Banquet

Tonight was the night the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce recognized area businesses and industry.

However, first they listened to a very distinguished key note speaker.

"I'm so pleased to be here in Bowling Green tonight because this is a very special night in which we are going to celebrate employers of all sizes who are creating jobs and opportunities in this region," said keynote speaker Secretary Elaine Chao.

Secretary Chao spoke to the crowd about opportunities in America, and the importance of business.

One of those businesses that did very well this evening winning business of the year is Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products.

"We are very pleased and honored to receive this award. We received awards four years ago too, and we greatly appreciate it," said Kobe Aluminum Vice-President Masanobu Iwata.

"They've had major announcements this year in terms of job creation, increasing the size of their physical plant, which is making jobs for our construction industry, helping people bring home pay checks that work there. It's just a great thing for our community," said Gaines Penn, Chairman of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.

Other winners of different categories tonight included Blue Cotton, Hitcents and Key Inventions.

The variety of businesses and industry that won tonight have showed why the city of Bowling Green has good news.

"Bowling Green from across the whole state has created more jobs over the past few years than any other community in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which is huge for us," said Penn.

A trend, the chamber hopes continues.

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