BG City Commission Approves Controversial Rezoning

With a vote of 4-1 the Bowling Green City Commission approved Planning and Zoning's ruling that 603 Old Morgantown Road is now allowed to become a business.

This didn't come without lengthy discussion about issues of what the business could be, and how much traffic it could bring.

"The applicant indicated it would be a grocery store which was a low traffic generator, and they did legislate out all of these items here including a gas station. So, we're not going to have a convenience store, unless it was one that didn't sell gas," said Steve Hunter, BG Planning and Zoning Commission.

The commission had to find something wrong with Planning and Zoning's ruling to then have it's own hearing to listen to the evidence, something they voted not to do.

While it was said it would be a grocery store, residents were still concerned with what might become of the lot.

One concerned resident near the area asked if the property would become a used car lot.

Mark Alcott who is representing the applicants known as Salkic, who are local business owners, said the car lot issue is one thing they wouldn't concede.

"The only thing not agreed to was to put a binding element of no used cars. Everything else that was asked for was put into binding elements that night," said attorney Mark Alcott.

Alcott said he and residents did agree on several other issues which included hours of operation.

Commissioner Slim Nash also brought up the fact the area is mainly residential.

"The immediate area surrounding this particular piece of property is residential, is there a compelling need to rezone the property, meaning can this property be successfully used within its current multi-family zoning classification," said Nash.

Nonetheless, there will be no hearing done by the commission as they saw Planning and Zoning's decision as final.

This was the first reading of this ordinance that was actually tabled at the last City Commission meeting in October.

It will likely come up for a second reading at the meeting later this month.

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