Bowling Green City Officials Sworn In

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Bowling Green's City Commissioners and Mayor Bruce Wilkerson were sworn into their positions today.

While most of the commissioners are returning for another two-year term, one will be starting fresh January 1st.

We asked Rick Williams what his plans are going into the new year.

"Today is just set aside to welcome the people and see some faces and shake some hands and say thank you to a lot of people," Williams said.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson and Commissioners Bill Waltrip and Melinda Hill were sworn in for another two-year term.

Joe Denning was unable to attend.

New Commissioner Rick Williams said this has been a goal for him and his family for a while.

"I want to be here and ready to go so that's my objective. I've been meeting with all the department heads and some of the other staff members getting a feel for what they do," Williams said.

"It's been truly a family event for our family. We've always been very close, but this made us even closer because we all got to work toward one goal and that was to get Rick elected," Rick's wife, Deborah Williams said.

Williams won't officially start his new position until the beginning of the year.

He replaces Slim Nash on the commission.

"Slim will be here to complete his term. He stays until December 31st. Kentucky law requires us to be sworn in on or before January 1st," Mayor Bruce Wilkerson said.

Nash's last meeting as city commissioner is Tuesday.

"Slim is genuinely a nice person. He cares a lot about this community. And he will be missed by a lot of people," said Commissioner Bill Waltrip.

"It could be any of us in two years. So my heart does go out to him. He was an integral part of our commission," Commissioner Melinda Hill said.

Williams said he's looking forward to his first city commission meeting.

"I'm ready to get started I'll put it that way, ready to go the work," he said.

He doesn't have a specific agenda for the first meeting, his first goal is to be on time.

Commissioner Joe Denning could not make the ceremony today, because of illness.

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