City Says Business May Be a Scam, & Its Services Are Unauthorized

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BOWLING GREEN, KY --If you've seen a paper like this taped to your mailbox in Bowling Green, you're not alone.

"So far we've heard from about five neighborhoods in Bowling Green, all of which have curbing of course... McFadden's Ferry, Cumberland Ridge, Camden Place, Fieldstone Farms, and Steeplechase so far," said Bowling Green Neighborhood Services Coordinator Karen Foley.

The flyer for the neighborhood address program says they will paint reflective address numbers on the curb near your home. One neighborhood association president received a flier and says if it were necessary, he thinks the city would make that decision.

"If the city believes it's necessary and emergency dispatchers, they'll let us know and we'll take more steps to get homes better marked," said Camden Place Neighborhood Association President Will Wade.

City officials say it's not only unnecessary, but they believe it could be a possible scam.

"There's a possibility this is an actual scam. The person who is advertising this has not gotten permission from the city... hasn't gotten a business license from the city, so we would encourage folks not spend their $25 dollars to have this service done," said Foley
Foley says the program they claim to be endorsed by, CRIMEWATCH America, is not affiliated with the city.

"We are affiliated with several nationwide crime watch initiatives, CRIMEWATCH America as far as we know, is not one of those," said Foley.

"I was just a little suspicious. I wasn't sure what was going on with them, or what was happening, but when I read it, I made my mind up two years ago I wasn't going to do it. It seems a little superfluous because our address is here. (on house) They're on our mailboxes. I didn't see the need for it," said Camden Place resident John Zippay.

Foley says the curb is also owned by the city as part of the right of way, and typically, it's the department of public works that must approve any painting of the curb.

Foley says anyone who would like to report the flyers can call the Bowling Green Police Department or Neighborhood Services.

We could not reach business for comment when we called the number on their flyer.

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