Bowling Green City at a "Plateau of Growth"

In the past decade, the city of Bowling Green has seen ups and downs and now it seems the city is finally stabilizing.

"Early in the 2000's, we were receiving about 8, 9, 10% growth a year, then we had the recession. That put us into a negative number. Now, we plateaued with about a 2% growth," said Bowling Green City Manager Kevin Defebbo.

City officials got their first look at the budget for the 2013/2014 fiscal year this week.

"We're going to try to do what we always do every year, not raise taxes number one, prioritize our spending," said Defebbo.

"The city manager has a very good budget message and talks about the budget as meeting our values. That's no new taxes and that's a low debt," said Bowling Green City Commissioner Bill Waltrip.

It includes about 53 million dollars in the general fund and one of the biggest parts of this budget include paying about 3 million dollars for a new radio system for city police and fire.

"Any serious event that's happened in the country in recent years, the communication or lack of communication among your first responders has been an issue and what we'll have is more coverage in the city," said Waltrip.

"We're going to be with Warren County to put a new radio system in for our police and for rescue personnel, which is critical," said Defebbo.

The city has also set a side money for more sidewalk repair and construction and storm water drains.

No city employees will be cut, in fact they will be receiving a cost of living raise.

City officials will not officially approve the budget until the summer after discussing the new radio system.

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