Bowling Green Emergency Officials Continue Searching for Person

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) UPDATE: At about 1p.m. Sunday, officials received a report of a person struggling in Barren River near the Old Louisville road bridge in Bowling Green. The report launched a full scale search for the unknown person. After yesterday's severe weather delayed the search, it was resumed today.

The Warren County Rescue Team has had boats out searching for the person all day.

"We are running two sonar units today to eliminate certain sections of the water, and we're going to try to cover all of the Barren River that's located in Warren County today," said Warren County Rescue Public Information Officer Deborah Williams.

Williams says if the sonar images reveal anything unusual a diving team is nearby to investigate. Officials still cannot confirm the identity of the person.

UPDATE: Bowling Green Fire Department tell us they suspended the search due to the severe weather, and they currently do not have an identification on the person who went missing.

-- At about 1 p.m. Sunday, officials responded to a report of a person struggling in the Barren River in Bowling Green.

Upon arrival officials were not able to locate anyone, but are still continuing to search.

The Bowling Green Fire Department, Warren County Emergency Management and Warren County Rescue squad are assisting in the search.

The person was spotted in the water near the Old Louisville Road bridge.

"Some people saw him from the bridge, that's all we know, and we've spoken to them and we're pretty confident that it's valid," said BGFD Asst. Chief Jerry Stahl.

As of now it's unclear why the person was near the water and if it is a male or female.

First responders are currently on boats sweeping the river for the potential drown victim.

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