UPDATE: Bowling Green Family Returns Home After Being in Boston

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The Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured alive but wounded last night after holing up in a boat in a suburban backyard prompting a daylong manhunt that shut down the city.

Today we sat down with the Cline family who was still in Boston last night while the events were unfolding.

Holding hands they began to describe the emotions that followed the incident in Boston.

"It's a whole roller coaster of emotions I mean you're ecstatic, you're elated, you got this bucket list thing that you thought about for so long. The most prestigious marathon in the world and you just have a few minutes to celebrate it," says Grant Cline as he speaks about finishing the marathon.

The celebrations wouldn't last long as grant crossed the finish line at 2:15 and at 2:50 the bombs would go off.

"We were in the family waiting area we heard two explosions about 10 seconds apart from each other," says Grant.

To escape downtown, the next day they traveled to Cambridge to sight see and would be only six blocks away from MIT when the late night shootout occurred.

"We began to hear all the sirens and you could just hear cars flying down the street," says Windy Cline.

"The taxis were running at the time and that's how we got back to the airport property we stayed at Friday night. It was like a ghost town in Cambridge. They we're telling everybody, what was the terminology, shelter-in-place," says Grant.

Once the lock-down was lifted they made their way downtown to pay their respects, and during that time news broke the second suspect was in custody.

"And you thought that's over, that part of it is over, and then we looked at all of this loss and it was so tragic and so senseless," says Windy

"I think seeing those crosses just reminded me how precious life is," adds Grant.

And like many while they are still searching for answers they are beginning the healing process.

"I'm hoping we can learn what prompted this, and what causes someone to do this tremendous evil," says Grant, as he talks about the suspect being captured alive.

"The terrible acts that took place and how they will affect everyone I would say there were hundreds more acts of kindness and love towards each other and that's what I've tried to take away," says Windy.

The Clines arrived back in Bowling Green this morning and doing what they cherish most, spending time with family and friends.

"I hugged my son and didn't want to let him go," says Windy.

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