Bowling Green Man Finished Marathon Just Before Explosions

BOSTON, Ma. - Runner and Bowling Green resident Grant Cline ran in the Boston Marathon today, and he only finished about 30 minutes ahead of the explosions.

"I had a lot of people praying for me. It could have been me, part of that group either injured or killed. My heart goes out to those families," said Cline.

Here locally he had people looking out for him.

"The first person I'd thought about was Grant Cline. I'd already known he finished, but because of the time frame when he finished. I didn't know when all this was happening, I was watching the news feed on CNN trying to see the clock that they have down there at Boston," said Trax Running Partner Lilly Wheet.

Cline said this evening the scene was still chaotic in Boston.

"There were just a tremendous amount of ambulances, probably 100 or so. There were police cars, swat team, because when this went off we were thinking, 'what in the world could this be?' so they reacted accordingly," said Cline.

Trax Running in Bowling Green posted on their Facebook today all four runners were safe during a very hectic time.

"So much confusion at the beginning, you just don't know what is happening and where it's happening. We knew that we had four or five local runners and of course that was my biggest concern," said Trax coach Patrick Folker.

Trax Running partner Lilly Wheet has run in the race before and she said security is very tight.

"It's barricaded, very well policed. I noticed the first year I went, there are snipers on the buildings. So, they had all that. I don't know exactly how all this slipped in, but that area is full of people," said Wheet.

As of now, it isn't clear who made this attack.

Cline said in his hotel in downtown Boston, the lobby was packed with several people just waiting and trying to get in touch with other people.

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