Bowling Green Fire Department Trains for Rare Wreck

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The Bowling Green Fire Department is constantly learning new skills and brushing up on old ones.

"We do training everyday. We're trained everyday... sometimes twice a day on various skills be it firefighting, extrication to medical calls," said Bowling Green Fire Department Training Captain Jason Sowders.

Today, it was an extrication simulation using old cars and equipment at Causey's Auto Sales, that challenged the firefighters to devise strategies in the rare event the department refers to as a "side-underride" where a tractor-trailer jack-knifes and a passenger vehicle gets trapped beneath.

"We created this scenario to be able to lift the trailer portion off the vehicle, and simulation of the driver trapped in the driver side compartment. So we'll try to lift the tractor trailer up off the vehicle with what we call air bags... and we use box creeping to reach a contact point," said Sowders.

Sowders says they would attempt to save the patient within what they say is the "golden hour."

"To give the patient the best chances of recovery from the traumatic injuries or blood loss, so we try to get them to the medical facility," said Sowders.

The exercise the department a better idea of what resources they need to save lives in situations like these.

The Bowling Green Fire Department will continue to hold their extrication training at Causey's Auto Sales for the next two days.

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