Bowling Green Firefighters Help Out For Holidays

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In an emergency situation They are the first people we call. Now, the Bowling Green Fire Department hopes more families have a happy Thanksgiving by donating 75 Thanksgiving boxes.

"We just meet at the Dollar Market out on the north end of town and just load everything up then put the boxes all together and caravan it over here," says firefighter Craig White.

The Family Enrichment Center distributes boxes to families who need meals the most. Family after family picked up their holiday meal Tuesday and were thankful for the generosity of others.

"You get a full meal, dessert and soda, all you have to do is prepare it and it helps out a lot of families it really does. These meals usually feed four and if you try to go buy this you are going to put out a little money," says Florence.

That money adds up for Family Enrichment. They say without the donations from BGFD the meals wouldn't be possible.

"We just don't have that kind of funding to be able to purchase this stuff and so you know we are very thankful for the fire department for doing this for us," says Denise Lambrianou from The Family Enrichment Center.

The fire department says they don't need recognition. Just the sound of a happy holiday.

"We just know that some of the families that are less fortunate need a little help getting through the holidays just make it a little nicer to have a nice family meal together and we just like to give back to our community," says White.

"There are other people out there who are not as fortunate. We are all in this together so it is nice to help out," says Lambrianou.

This is the 8th year BGFD has donated food for families. They hope to brighten the faces of more families for years to come.

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