Bowling Green First Full Marathon

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All proceeds from the marathon and half-marathon, known as the "BG 26.2, go to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in memory of Susan B. Riherd, who died from MS at the age of 48. Susan's sister Lily Wheet helped create and plan the race. Many who came out to participate in the race say preparation was a challenge.

"So many mornings you just want to sleep in but when you know the other person is waiting for you outside, you don't really have a choice. Yeah, you don't want to let them down." said a group of Belmont University students who came up for the race.

"I think it's an awesome thing for the community because it will get bigger and it will bring people in being a qualifier for the Boston. I think it'll just continue to get bigger." added Anita Grinstead, who volunteered at the event.

The winner of the inaugural marathon event was from Chicago and says he planned to run in the New York Marathon until the race was recently canceled.

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