Bowling Green Holds 150-Year-Anniversary Civil War Commemoration

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It has been 150 years since the Civil War ended, and Bowling Green held several events to remember the war.

Though Bowling Green was pro-Union, hundreds of Confederate soldiers are buried in local cemeteries.

Pro-Union and pro-Confederate war reenactments were held throughout this weekend all over town.

Local Civil War experts say Bowling Green provided the L&N Depot, which brought several soldiers to the area.

"We recruited. There were all kinds of supplies, and men that came through the city through the war. We were also a hospital center, and a number of activities that supported the Union Army basically behind the lines," says Civil War Reenactor Michael Trapasso.

Civil War experts say because the Union won the war, soldiers were moved to national cemeteries.

They believe very few union soldiers are buried in Bowling Green.

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