Officials Reflect On Hot Rods 5 Year Anniversary

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Crews were working hard Monday preparing for the 5th season of Hot Rods baseball. Since making the move to Bowling Green, downtown has seen some growing changes.

"In the last five years $170 million worth of construction and really the impetus of the Hot Rods has changed the face of Bowling Green forever," says Doug Gorman, Chairman of the TIF Authority.

The impact is seen as close as next door to the ballpark, with a new parking garage and the future home of HitCents. Officials say the draw for booming business is the thousands of fans who head downtown. On this 5th anniversary the ballpark is working towards a milestone.

"I think it's an awesome thing to see a million people in the past 5 years come through that stadium, really 4 years because we are starting year 5, but sometime here in May we will have the millionth visitor through that stadium," says Gorman.

Fans are what keep the Hot Rods successful, like Delmar Glenn, who has never missed a home game.

"It's very cheap entertainment. You know you go to a movie, a movie costs you 10 bucks. You can come here for 10 bucks for three hours and see a great game and interact with people," says Delmar Glenn.

Sporting his Hot Rods gear, Glenn says he will continue to support his hometown team no matter what is thrown his way.

"I'm going to come to every game. I'm not going to miss any games at all, I don't intend to. Unless good lord willing I even came here sick so I am not going to miss one unless I am in the hospital and can't come," says Glenn.

As the season prepares to start the Hot Rods say they hope to see every seat filled with fans like Delmar Glenn.

On average, a quarter million people travel to Bowling Green Ballpark every year.

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