Bowling Green Hotel To Be Auctioned

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Bowling Green has 35 hotels, and one of them will be sold by the Warren County Master Commissioner at a public auction next week.

When you drive past exit 22 on I-65 in Bowling Green, you'll find no shortage of hotels on Scottsville Rd.

"A board member, Leon Volkert, has always called I-65 our river of gold. He's exactly right because so many visitors use that thoroughfare and so many of them stop and spend the night with us," said Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Vicki Fitch.

One of those hotels was once a Best Western, and is now no longer part of a national chain, but operated by a court appointed manager.
It will go up for public auction next week, and Fitch says the area is prime for buyers interested in the property.

"A lot of people that are interested in building a hotel or buying a hotel are looking to see not just what the occupancy is, but what the average daily rate is that is charged in that community," said Fitch.

Fitch says Bowling Green typically houses hotels with moderately priced rooms.

"We're probably not the right place to have too many high luxury rooms, or too many lower priced or super economy rooms. We need a good mix and it seems that we have that," said Fitch.

Fitch says the hotel on more than 7 acres with an attached Denny's restaurant has been a popular spot for tourists.

"Those are a good mid-range priced room for us, and there are quite a few hotel rooms in that property, so when we get lots of sporting events here, alot of times that's good for some of the softball tournaments that come in. They have an indoor pool. They have an outdoor pool, so there are some advantages to having that property in our community," said Fitch.

According to the auctioneer's web site, the hotel is being auctioned by order of the Warren County Master Commissioner.

The auction will be conducted by Top Dollar Auctions on site at the hotel at 4700 Scottsville Rd. on Friday, July 26.

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