Bowling Green Independent School Board Calls Special Meeting

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The battle over the non-resident student agreement between Bowling Green Independent and Warren County Public Schools has taken a serious turn.

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The Bowling Green Independent Schools Board of Education held a special meeting tonight specifically to address the issue. They heard parents concerns and made some decisions, showing signs they're not finished debating the non-resident agreement with Warren County schools yet. The first step was to amend the current tuition policy, enabling the board to consider a non-resident tuition option equal to the state funding lost.

"This was something we needed to go ahead and put on the table as a possibility and something we could look at in early June when we start making the decision as to how many non-resident students will be able to come to Bowling Green schools next year." said Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius.

That tuition would total $4,127 per year. That amount accounts for state funding lost and the $300 non-residents already pay.

"That's money that's not going to the restaurants. It's not going to buy clothes. It's not going to everyday things, so that's hitting the community twice. It's a shame it's come to this," said Concerned Parent Sean Stevens.

An unaffordable option for some, the idea of scholarships was addressed, and the board said it would consider creating a donation fund if legal.

"Just tell me where to sign up. I think we need to have a fundraiser, and I think the people in Bowling Green will raise a lot of money to make this not an issue," said Concerned parent Brett Reynolds.

The board also approved a motion to review possible legal action regarding the changes in the non-resident agreement. They also plan to appeal the decision to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education.

"We will sign the agreement for the 664 students that were approved on April 18th, but with the notation that we plan to appeal with regard to the 86 students that were reduced by the Warren County Schools," said Tinius.

Superintendent Tinius says that process will begin tomorrow. He also says he still hopes to discuss the agreement with Warren County Public Schools.

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