Bowling Green Independent Schools Receive Grant

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To the average passerby it may be just another empty lot on the corner of Glen Lily Road and Durbin Drive but officials with the Bowling Green Independent School District say it's the future home of the Dishman-McGinnis Elementary School. A school that will be built with the environment in mind.

"Both of the systems that we will be using at Dishman-McGinnis are solar energy. One is for hot water that will be provided to the kitchen area," says Superintendent Joe Tinius.

Officials hope the installation of additional solar technology will also lead to energy savings. $34,000 used in purchasing the equipment will come from a TVA grant. The grant is a settlement agreement from a 2011 violation of the Clean Air Act by the TVA. Since that time the TVA says they have a renewed interest in providing clean energy.

"The board of directors for TVA adopted a new vision for TVA a couple of years ago which is for us to be one of the leading providers of low cost cleaner energy and because of that we are focusing on things like cleaner air and greater energy efficiency," says TVA spokesperson Scott Brooks.

And the grant money in the Bowling Green Independent School District will be used efficiently. Superintendent Tinus says the solar equipment will pay for itself in the long run.

"We felt like we would get an immediate return on our investment and overtime save money. In this situation with TVA providing about 50% of the costs of that installation that turn around will be even quicker," says Tinius.

Now officials say once initial site work in complete, construction will start this April with a scheduled completion in the Summer of 2014.

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