Bowling Green Independent Schools Says It's Business As Usual

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Bowling Green Independent Schools say they are going on with business as usual, despite the ongoing battle with Warren County Schools over non-resident students.

School Bus

Applications for non-resident students who wish to attend city schools have been approved. Parents received a letter in the mail explaining the situation. As of now, they must pay a tuition cost to make up for the lost SEEK funding but a hearing with the State Board of Education could give parents some money back.

"We wouldn't know probably until sometime in July exactly if any new students are going to get in without paying the additional SEEK amount," says Superintendent Joe Tinius.

The state hearing is scheduled for July 11 and 12. Superintendent Tinius says a final decision by the state should be made before the first day of school on August 6.

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