UPDATED: Kidnapping Suspects in Court

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UPDATED 6/11/2014 @ 4:55 PM -- The Bowling Green couple accused of kidnapping a child last week appeared in court on Wednesday.

Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron says the cases of Robert Pomeroy and Sabrina VanMeter were handed over to a grand jury.

Last Monday, Police say Pomeroy allegedly took his daughter Lillian from a home in Bowling Green.

VanMeter was arrested the next day, and Pomeroy turned himself into police the day after.

Lillian was recovered, and was not harmed.

Pomeroy sent WBKO a statement last week, saying he acted in the best interest and safety of his daughter.

Bonds for both suspects were lowered to $10,000 during today's hearing.

UPDATED 6/4/2014 12:10 PM -- The Warren County Sheriff's Office says Robert Pomeroy turned himself in today at approximately 11:30 AM.

Lillian Pomeroy was recovered and was unharmed.

Pomeroy was arrested and lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail on the warrant issued for Kidnapping.

Pomeroy sent WBKO the following statement regarding the situation.

"I Robert pomeroy did nothing wrong I acted in the best interest for the safety of my daughter Lillian Pomeroy the facts that will be brought out in court are as followed Shelby Ladd has never been an active mother in the 21 month life of lillian, shelby has never provided a safe stable and loving environment for Lillian but instead has chosen to dedicated her life to a recently convicted felon I've always been there for Lillian from the moment of conception I have consistently provided a stable and loving environment and home for my daughter, i have always had the support of Shelbys immediate family but recently they've chosen not to stand by me in this situation for reasons Un known the facts of the case will be brought forth Showing i did not break into any home and I did not kidnapped my daughter but acted in the best interest in safety for my daughter, as for my fiance Sabrina VanMeter who shares the same core family values as i, she will be proven innocent. but due to the manipulation of the legal system by Shelby Ladd and ben pedigo I will have to return my daughter back to an un safe and an unloving and dangerous environment and turn myself in for due process for the allegations of criminal trespassing please pray for Lillian and pray for my family i encourage everyone following the case to check out wbko's Web page and read the real facts of what type of people Shelby Ladd and ben pedigo are from the first hand acount of Shelby Ladd own grand mother Elsie Fulcher respectively Robert pomeroy."

UPDATED 6/3/2014 12:30 PM -- Warren County Sheriff's Deputies and Kentucky State Police arrested Sabrina VanMeter.

She was taken to the Warren County Regional Jail on a warrant for kidnapping. The investigation continues.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County Sheriff's Office is searching for a non custodial father who allegedly kidnapped his 20-month-old child from a home in Bowling Green.

"I just want her back, I'm just scared," said Shelby Ladd, mother.

According to Warren County Sheriff's Department, At 8:27 p.m. Monday investigators said Robert Pomeroy, 25, of Bowling Green, broke into a home in the 6000 block of Scottsville Road and took his daughter, Lillian Pomeroy.

“Yeah, he took her with nothing, literally. My boyfriend threw a towel at him and said at least wrap a towel around her. He didn't take her diaper bag or her medicine. She has eczema, she has hydrocortisone cream that she has to have every day, he didn't take that. She has to have her medicine twice a day, Benadryl. Her car seat is in my car."

Police said the child was not wearing clothes when she was taken.

Officers say Pomeroy then fled with his girlfriend, Sabrina VanMeter, in an off white, late 1990s or early 2000 model, 4-door Lexus. No registration plate is available at this time.

Pomeroy is described as being 5'10'' tall, weighing 180 pounds with a shaved head and thin beard. He was last seen wearing a black shirt and camouflage pants.

This is when the search began.

This morning, WBKO reached out to our viewers to assist in the officer's search for Robert Pomeroy. After we posted the story to WBKO's Facebook page, a comment was submitted by a woman claiming to be Sabrina's mother.

In her comment she stated, "Sabrina is not wanted by the police and neither is Robert”. She finishes her comment by stating, “the baby is totally safe and police do know where the baby is.”

WBKO then contacted the Sheriff's office, again. The Warren County Sheriff's office confirmed the location of Lillian Pomeroy and her father, Robert Pomeroy, was still unknown.

"He has not been located at this time," said Deputy Tommy Smith, Warren County Sheriff's Department.

Moments later, an arrest warrant was issued for both Pomeroy and VanMeter.

Approximately 10:45 this morning, officers arrested Sabrina VanMeter, following a kidnapping warrant.

Warren County Sheriff’s Department says VanMeter was arrested while at a home on Jack Simmons Road. Our Kayla Vanover attempted to contact others in the home, reaching out for comments from family members. A door was shut in her face and all comments were denied.

Meanwhile, police continue to search for Robert Pomeroy.
WBKO spoke to Pomeroy's attorney, who according to Pomeroy, says he never entered Shelby Ladd's residence. He says Pedigo handed Lillian to Pomeroy while standing in the threshold of the apartment.

Attorney James Harris argues that Pomeroy will be proven innocent once the facts are revealed through the court.

Prior to last night's events, a custody hearing is set for June 11.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Robert or Lillian Pomeroy, is asked to call 911 or the Warren County Sheriff's Office at (270) 842-1633.

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