Bowling Green Plans to Appoint new Parks and Rec Director

The city of Bowling Green appointed a familiar face to the position of Parks and Recreation director.

There's a new person at the top of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation, Brent Belcher, and in his new role he wants to make customer service a priority.

"Serving our customers, serving our residents, we understand bowling green parks and rec has a long standing tradition, the high expectations residents have for this program," said Belcher.

"We felt strongly Brent was the right person for this organization at this time," said Bowling Green City Manager Kevin DeFebbo.

Belcher worked with the department for 18 years in a variety of positions, he also served as the Special Olympics director.

He wants to run parks and rec efficiently, and work with other agencies in the community.

"We're doing a much better job of networking out, and reaching individuals throughout our entire community. We are partnering with warren county and all of our surrounding area with our programs and services, not duplicating some of the things we're doing," said Belcher.

These things he plans to do is why city officials wanted to hire him.

"His commitment to concepts of efficiency, cost savings, and customer service which are important values for us here in bowling green. Also, his desire to spread the wealth by collaborating with other community groups," said DeFebbo.

Another issue that's been talked about, are the three public golf courses and what to do with them.

Belcher said it's an ongoing process.

"Their great golf courses. We have a great product. So, it's going to be an easy sale for that. Obviously, we have to evaluate our services, and make sure we're being efficient, make sure we operating the best possible way we can," said Belcher.

That's his whole motto for the office, doing things efficiently.

City officials say, Belcher was one of 39 candidates from across the country, and of the six finalists he was the right person for the job.

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