Bowling Green Looking at New Policy for Revenue

The Bowling Green City Commission is looking at a new annexation policy that could bring the city more revenue.

"This policy identifies five areas that are primarily undeveloped at this time, and it has set in motion the idea of providing incentives to property owners to come in the city limits," said Bowling Green Commissioner Bill Waltrip.

Tomorrow night, the commission will vote on this annexation policy, which would extend city limits and services.

"Those areas where commercial activities occur is beneficial both for the city and for that business. It provides services that businesses generally want without any question," said Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

Some of those incentives include police and fire protection, and street maintenance services.

This is not something the city immediately plans to take action with, but rather it is a future guideline for city staff.

Commissioner Waltrip did have a problem with the policy initially, but they were able to work on it.

"One part of it said the board of commissioners would support non-consensual annexations, and we have actually talked about that as a commission and now the wording says we will consider non-consensual," said Waltrip.

Both Waltrip and Wilkerson agree, they want to make sure the property owners of the targeted land are in approval.

"If we're able to get two thirds then obviously the vast majority of the people in that area would want to be taken in, and we'll look at it very closely at that point," said Wilkerson.

Something the commission itself, will look at closely Tuesday.

The Commission will also likely approve a second reading Tuesday to not raise property taxes in the city.

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