Bowling Green Residents are Surprised for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's across America surprised their loved ones with candy or flowers.

"I'm very shocked. I'm really not the type that's likes to get attention. So I'm really kind of bashful when it comes to something like this," says Natcher Elementary School teacher, Nichole Turner.

Women all across Bowling Green today were surprised by their sweethearts for Valentine's Day.

"I don't let nobody have their flowers unless I see them because I like to see the expression on their face," says Deemer's delivery driver Sheila Beason.

For Beason, playing Cupid for a day is all about seeing a happy face.

While reports say between $150 and $175 dollars is spent by men on flowers for Valentine's Day each year, some take the surprise a little bit further.

"The reactions are always different some people just start crying, some people are just really shocked. The variety of responses you get with this is really neat," Caveman Chorus Quartet singer, Paul Maglinger, says.

This Quartet from the Caveman Chorus will sing for over 20 people by the end of the day, each giving them a different reaction.

"I'm very shocked very surprised, pleasantly surprised," Turner says.

For Deemer's and the Caveman Chorus, Valentine's Day may mean a long day, but they both agree, it's all about seeing a happy customer.

Deemer's says they plan to deliver hundreds of flowers well into the night.

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