Bowling Green Robbery/Burglary Suspects Arrested

Hardcastle Tag Sales was one of three Bowling Green businesses burglarized on March 13th by 18 year old Brent T. Henderson of Bowling Green and one juvenile.

"We lost a laptop computer, starting cash, and mostly sterling silver bracelets and necklaces and about five gold rings," said Hardcastle Tag Sales Owner David Hardcastle.

Once they realized the items had been stolen, they warned other similar businesses.

"We called Goldsmith and told them to be aware we'd been broken into, and also I went to the Jewelry Barn and told them," said Hardcastle.

Within less then 24 hours, Henderson and the juvenile attempted to sell some of those items at Goldsmith, but because of Hardcastle's warning, they were unsuccessful. Goldsmith called the police immediately.

"When the police arrived at Goldsmith, they were able to interview the subjects and locate property in the vehicle they were riding in and on their person that belonged to businesses that had been burglarized," said Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward.

Surveillance from Tony Lindsey's Salon during a burglary that same night helped identify the juvenile. At that point, police began to notice a connection.

"Once both of these individuals were in custody for the burglaries, we were able to take the information they had given us, and link it to a Crime Stoppers tip we had received a little bit earlier in regards to a robbery that occurred at Subway on February 18th," said Ward.

Henderson and the juvenile now face charges for burglary and robbery.

Following the robbery arrests, Henderson is now lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail, and the juvenile at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center.

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