Bowling Green School Board to Address Non-Resident Agreement at Board Meeting

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green City School Board held a special meeting today at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary to discuss the current negotiations with Warren County Schools for the upcoming non-resident student agreement.

It's a new year, but parents of Bowling Green students living in the county find themselves in a very familiar situation, wondering where their children will go to school next year.

"The uncertainty and the division it's caused the community and the families isn't good for anyone," said Bowling Green parent Kristal Rubin.

Rubin's family moved to Bowling Green during last year's dispute, and they're still renting, rather than buying a home until a long-term decision is made. During the meeting, the board will discuss how to deal with the non-resident agreement, but before that, Rubin and other parents will have a chance to share their views during time set aside for public comment.

"I would hope they would draw at least some temporary guidelines so families can make decisions and it won't draw out another year," said Rubin.

Paducah attorney Rick Walter has been acting as mediator between the two districts, and up to this point, the districts seem to agree that younger siblings should be allowed to join older ones at the same school, and the agreement should be long-term, but have still yet to agree upon a cap for the number of students.

"It seemed like the offers put on the table by the county board were just not reasonable. They allowed for hardly any transfer of students between the two school systems," said Bowling Green parent Alex Lebedinsky.

Lebedinsky and Rubin hope the two districts can work it out without having to get the state involved, but isn't convinced it won't come to that.

"It would probably be a good idea to give negotiations another shot, and if that fails, to appeal would be a reasonable way to proceed," said Lebedinsky.

"I'm always hopeful, but I have gone through this for a whole year, and we aren't any closer," said Rubin. That appeal, like last years would be made to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education.

Michael Gossum will join us on WBKO at 10, with the results of the city school board meeting.

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