Bowling Green Veterans Day Parade Shows Thanks

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Downtown Bowling Green swarmed with people Saturday morning for the city's annual Veteran's Day parade. Residents of all ages showed up for one simple reason, to honor those that have served.\

"I'm very thankful that people, and they do, if I've got my cap on, no matter if it's veterans day or not , they'll come shake my hand and appreciate all that. I was drafted and I'm glad i was. I wouldn't give up anything for the service. It's an all volunteer army now I'm very proud of those folks." said Veteran Jerry Talley.

The parade is just a reminder that the men and women of our military should be thanked everyday, not just this weekend.

"When my wife sees a veteran or anyone in uniform, no matter where they're at, she'll always go up to them and thank them for their service. She recognizes the trials and tribulations that men and women in uniform have. We're just so grateful to have them and for their service." added Veteran Horace Johnson.

For some, the thought recognizing the brave men and women isn't something that can't be said.

"I think to give them a hug would be the greatest way. I don't think there are words truly adequate to thank them for their service." commented Kelly Morgan, who attended the parade.

Though veterans should be thanked everyday, Saturday's event is a way for the community to let the them know just how important they really are.

"They don't think of themselves as heroes and when you look up and down the street and you see all these people that are standing out there letting them know that, yes they are! Regardless of anything else, yes they are heroes. They are being honored for that and that's just incredibly important for the community to be able to come around these guys and let them know that." said The Bennett Family.

So let us never forget, that it's the sacrifice of the brave men and women of our armed forces that keep our flag still flying high.

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