Bowling Green Welcomes Corvette Homecoming Visitors

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- With motor sports on the rise in Bowling Green, it is only natural for excitement this time of year, as the Corvette Homecoming makes its way back to South Central Kentucky.

“You look at these folks with these shiny Corvettes and they've got a little bit of money to spend," said Corey Ramsey.

Corvette Homecoming invites Corvette enthusiasts, from all over the nation, to come back home and fellowship with those who share a similar passion.

This celebration also brings a huge economic advantage to the city of Bowling Green.

"They're going to buy. They're going to shop. They're going to eat. They're going to stay. They're going to spend money. They're proud of these things. These are their babies. They are just like kids. They're driving them up here and they're showing them off," said Corey Ramsey.

Today's events at the Sloan Convention Center allowed local vendors to solicit and socialize with the crowd.

A Bowling Green boutique owner hosted a fashion show for the crowd and she says this nationally recognized event great for local businesses.

“Events like this are great for us because this is a national draw. There are folks from literally all over the country. So, for somebody like me, that is just a small time operation, it is huge! We could never buy that kind of publicity." said Liz Bernard, Zingarella owner.

When a crowd gathers around, food is always a topic of interest. A fudge vendor says this is his sixth year selling at the Corvette Homecoming and he says the sweet people of Bowling Green push him to sell his sweet treats each year.

"We've been a member of Kentucky Proud for about ten years. We've been in the business for twelve years. We make all of our own products. We make everything from scratch. We make it by hand. It's all Kentucky made stuff," said Patrick Durham, The Sweet Shoppe owner.

The Corvette Homecoming is a three day event, July 17-19.

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