Bowling Green Woman Wins Priceless IGA Shopping Spree

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One woman walked away with quite the deal today after a shopping spree at priceless IGA on Russellville road in Bowling Green.

Tanya Pulley of Bowling Green won a facebook competition celebrating the second anniversary of the opening of Priceless IGA stores in Bowling Green. Pulley says she had a strategy for making the most of her shopping spree.

"Anything I can fit in the cart... or on the cart, but I've got three minutes. Then they'll tell me when my three minutes is up and I'll come to the front of the store, and they'll ring everything up and tell me how much my prize was. I'm really excited now," said Pulley.

Pulley went straight for the meat section and stocked up on $979 worth of meats. Don't worry, she says she has a large freezer at home, and plenty of people waiting to help her stock it!

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