Bowling Green Woman's Daughter In Philippines During Typhoon

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A Bowling Green woman's daughter was in the Philippines during the typhoon.

Cindy Moore's daughter has been in Puerto Galera on the northwest side of Mindoro Island for a mission trip this month.

She said she didn't know about the typhoon until last night when her sister texted her about it, but after that, she held her breath waiting to hear from her daughter.

"I reviewed her Facebook to see if she posted any news and she said it was coming and they were ready for it. She didn't say a whole lot about it at that time, and then about midnight last night, I actually got to talk with her on Facebook and she said, 'Well, as far as I know, we're all clear,'" she said.

Her daughter, Andi, said in an e-mail the typhoon was projected to hit her area directly, but changed its route and passed a few hours south instead.

She said the people in her area were lucky -- only losing power and having some plants thrown around by the wind.

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