Bowling Green's First Full Marathon

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This weekend will we be a historic one for Bowling Green.

"I never really thought I'd be a part of something so historic," said TRAXrunning Partner Lilly Wheet.

That historic moment will be this Sunday morning when Bowling Green has its first full marathon, and Traxrunning, a Bowling Green athletic shop, has been working hard for quite some time to make their dream a reality.

"Using GPS on our bikes, just literally spray painting and marking mile one through mile 26." said Bonita Paul TRAXrunning employee.

The milestone isn't the only thing making this race so important, one organizer has a special tie to its cause, multiple sclerosis.

"She was not able to do these things physically because she was stricken with MS, and was a paraplegic, alot of times confined to a bed," said Wheet.

She won't be the only one honoring those with the disease. There will be a special singer of the national anthem before the race.

"He's a student at North Warren, and his uncle Gary is running the half marathon, and his Gary actually has MS," said Wheet.

Wheat says she's thrilled about the race, and she'll certainly have her sister in her memory as she watches more than 200 hundred people run toward the finish line.

"She was such an important person in my life, and I feel for people with that problem or have any kind of disability where they can't perform. When I step my foot out of bed every morning, and thank God I can do it, and I live everyday as if it is my last and fill it up," said Wheet.

Wheat hopes the race inspires others to live their lives to the fullest.

The deadline to register for the race is midnight tonight.
Wheat says there will not be any road closures due to the event.
For more information on Bowling Green's first-ever marathon, and how to register go to

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