Bowling Green's First Two Lane Roundabout In the Works

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways hopes a new roundabout at the intersection of the 31-W Bypass and University Blvd. will help reduce traffic and accidents.

The Department of Highways says traffic has become congested on Chestnut Street with drivers trying to turn onto the bypass.

The two lane roundabout will be the first of its kind in Bowling Green, and the dept. says it's also a safer alternative to the traditional intersection.

"With a traditional intersection.. with the left turn movements, and the right turns, there is about 32 conflict points. On a roundabout, that number goes down to about eight. Not only are there fewer conflict points. The crashes that occur in a roundabout tend to be less severe," said Dept. of Highways District 3 Chief Engineer Greg Meredith.

Discussions of constructing a roundabout have been in the works since 2005, but the Department of Highways hopes to begin construction by April 2014.

It also plans to hold a public forum to address the plans in the next few months.

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