Bradshaw Family Hopes Community Can Heal

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The family of Brandon Bradshaw, the man who died Saturday after being shot in an officer involved shooting in Bowling Green last week, spoke about how they are honoring Brandon, and how the community can carry on his legacy.

In the past week, Bradshaw's family has been overwhelmed with messages of support and stories of Brandon's kindness, stories they will have forever.

"Brandon had stopped and prayed with a guy who was sitting on a bench, and someone had taken a picture. He never parted the Red Sea, but he did do little one person at a time miracles, and because of that, his legacy is even bigger than he realizes," said Brandon Bradshaw's father Tory Bradshaw.

That legacy is a piece of Brandon his family hopes will carry on through them.

"Try to do the best you can to portray a person to the world so they don't become forgotten," said brother Tyler Bradshaw

To do that, they say it will require small, selfless acts.

"I want to be more like Brandon. Go out and talk to people... pray for people and all that," said sister Joanna Bradshaw

"You're not doing it to get any reward for yourself, just to help the people around you. That's what Brandon did. In order to continue his legacy, I believe we should all just perform little miracles," said sister Cora Bradshaw.

The family says they hope the community can honor Brandon with small miracles too.

There will be a Celebration of Life memorial service at SkyPAC tomorrow afternoon at 4:30, and a funeral service at Living Hope Baptist Church at 10 Saturday morning. Both will be open to the public. Skypac officials say there will be free parking available in the parking garage on 8th St. for tomorrow's memorial.

For funeral and Celebration of Life memorial arrangements see the first link below. For more information on how you can help the family, by donating items and money, go to the second related link below.

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