Bradshaw Family Uses New Hobby To Move On From Heartache

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"Our old normal is gone, so we had to find a new normal for our family. And we're not sure what that is yet, but I think this is a good step in the right direction," said Troy Bradshaw.

Soapbox Derby racing is the new normal he's talking about. The old normal was when he spent time with his son Brandon.

"He was such a huge figure in our lives, not just in our family's life, but really the community's life. He impacted thousands. The funeral director told us it was the largest funeral Bowling Green's ever had."

In March, road rage ended with deadly gun shot wounds that killed the 27-year-old former Warren County Constable.

The shooter was Tommy Brown, a former Warren County Security Officer. After a full investigation, a grand jury decided not to indict Brown on manslaughter charges. The road for the Bradshaws hasn't been easy since then.

"All of us have had to have counseling after Brandon's death because of the tragedy of him being killed."

Now that family is using racing as a way to move on.

"The best way for me personally, and for our family, is to stay busy. Because when you sit around, that's when the demons come and visit."

Brandon's 7-year-old son Nolan raced for the first time this morning, and said he didn't care about winning or losing -- he was there for different reasons.

"For my dad and for fun," Nolan said.

The Bradshaws said they're thankful for sponsors who made it possible for them to build the cars -- which can cost up to a thousand dollars.

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