Breaking Down the Second Presidential Debate

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It's crunch time for the presidential candidates. With less than two hours until tonight's presidential debate, and this one could be make or break for the undecided voters, because they hold the cards tonight.

"The candidates will be in the middle of an audience of individuals who are supposed to be undecided voters, and those individuals will be directly asking each one of the presidential candidates questions," said WKU Forensics Director Jace Lux.

Lux says when it comes to a debates, voters look for two things; what you say, and how you say it.
It's maintaining that balance that will be the challenge during tonight's town hall-style debate.

"You make a big mistake if you overlook presentation. I think a potential pitfall that candidates can step into is to underestimate the amount of content the voter wants to hear," said Lux.

When it comes to those issues, there seems to be one thing on everyone's mind.

"The economy is the number one concern of American voters. It's been widely recognized by the media that it is what they want to hear about, and obviously it's because it's something we feel every day," said Certified Financial Planner Jeanne Fisher.

The last debate focused largely on taxes and job creation. Fisher says this time, the candidates will be expected to dig deeper into the issues.

"Tonight we really need to hear an in-depth discussion of financial issues; for example, the debt crisis in Europe, or social security, or even the fiscal cliff," said Fisher.

Now the pressure is on for the combatants to convince the audience their stand is the right one, a task much harder than it looks.

You can judge the debate for yourself tonight at 8p.m. on WBKO.

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