Breaking: Jury Reaches Verdict In Trial of Sheriff Chris Eaton and Others

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A jury found Barren County Drug Task Force Official Eric Guffey and Barren County Sheriff's Deputy, Aaron Bennett not guilty on all charges.

Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton also not guilty all charges, except two counts of witness tampering.

Eaton and his attorney Guthrie True were not available for comment, but both Guffey's and Bennett's attorney said they are very excited with the outcome of the trial.

In February of last year, Eaton and Deputies Adam Minor, Aaron Bennett, and Barren County Drug Task Force Official Eric Guffey were indicted for allegedly beating Billy Stinnett while he was handcuffed in 2010, then covering it up.

Eaton's convictions call for up to twenty years in prison, but he can get less than that.

Eaton's sentencing date is set for August 1st at 9:00 am later this year.

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