Breakthrough in Fight Against Cancer

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A new breakthrough against the fight against cancer has been found.

Doctors discovered a treatment to fight a deadly form of leukemia, most common in children.

The form of leukemia is treated with a live virus, which battles the infected white blood cells.

After just eight days of treatment in the first phase of the trial, one patient was cancer free.

ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser says the trial is still in it's earliest phase.

"This was five patients. They may not want to expand it into what's called a phase 2 trial to see if it prolongs patients' lives. That's the key. You want to make that the therapy you are doing expands a person's life and the quality of their life," he says.

Dr. Besser says it is not definite if this treatment will be available to all leukemia patients, but he says the hope is this treatment will be used to cure cancer.

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