Brown's Attorney Responds About Shooting Investigation

shooting investigation

Tommy Brown has obtained an attorney, Alan Simpson, to represent him during the investigation of the shooting of Brandon Bradshaw.

Simpson said his client is receiving a lot of blame and this was a case of self-defense.

"I would just ask the viewers, the people who look at the website, all the people on social media right now to reserve judgment because they don't know the truth, and I will just say that I'm aware of the facts of the case and this was a case of self-defense," said Simpson.

Simpson also said it's been difficult for everyone involved.

"I spoke to Tommy this afternoon, his family is praying for Brandon to recover. As I said, no one ever wants anything to happen like this. It's a tragedy. Obviously, Brandon is well liked in this community and so is Tommy, and we're just praying he has a speedy recovery," said Simpson.

WBKO has received several comments about why Brown was not arrested, Simpson said there has to be an investigation to see if the shooting was justified.

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