Brownsville Man To Appear In Film

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"A lot of people are shocked. A lot of people think of me as your local neighborhood fireman."

Tim Skees is doing what many in Grayson County spend their summers doing, helping out on the family farm.

"I don't necessarily want to be a star."

But he also does something many rarely get the chance to.

"I just want to enjoy what I'm doing."

Skees is also an actor.

"They have me cast as the bodyguard for the male lead, Mr. Jimmy James Cole is his character name."

The movie is titled "Patsy" and Skees said its centers around the late entertainer Patsy Cline. Though everything isn't totally finalized Skees said he's scheduled to appear in multiple scenes. Though his role in "Patsy" is his biggest yet on the silver screen, Tim Skees has also been a part of a major TV production. He said he plays an unnamed extra on a very popular zombie show.

"I do work as a zombie extra on a very popular show, I can say that it's not called the "Walking Living. I play a zombie extra. I've been in there a few scenes. It's very interesting to be on the set and at times it's actually creepy to have all these people who look like terrifying dead people walking around."

Though he's taken a few lessons, Skees considers himself a self-taught actor that is doing it for the joy it brings.

"You enjoy people recognizing you and saying 'I recognize you from school.' It's not so much about the fame, it's about representing my hometown."

Maybe one day it won't just be his hometown of Big Clifty that recognizes Tim but people all across the United States.

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