Businesses Prepare For New Year's Eve

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With hours remaining in 2012 it was the last rush to prepare for the big night. The parking lot was full outside Liquor Barn in Bowling Green.

Inside customers lined up, some with carts full of their favorite celebratory drinks. This year there seems to be a new rival to the traditional bubbly favorite.

"Obviously champaign, but a lot of spirits actually. Bourbon is a big hit so far this year since we have been open down in Bowling Green so we will probably see a mixture of it," says Robert Lanasa.

For those who would rather have their drinks served table side restaurants are preparing. Managers say New Year's Eve and Valentines Day are the busiest of the year.

"Lots of parties tonight, larger groups and obviously on Valentines Day are smaller more intament groups but we expect to be real busy," says General Manager Jodi Fleming.

Even with worries about the economy Fleming says when it comes to New Year's everyone is willing to celebrate.

"Everybody I think goes out when it's a special occasion. You will save up and not go out another night but go out when it's a special occasion," says Fleming.

The normal wine and dine still isn't for everyone. Some prefer to ring in the New Year with a bang. Skylite fireworks says plenty of families have stopped in ready to celebrate.

"We certainly pick up a lot of tourist traffic but people like to celebrate with fireworks at New Years believe it or not. Not quite to the extent we see on July 4 but we have a lot of kids and parents that want to come in. Kids that want to play with the sparklers," says Amy Burge.

No matter how you choose to celebrate business owners hope everyone enjoys a safe and Happy New Year.

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