Businesses Recovering Two Weeks After Wicked Wednesday

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Two weeks ago the community of Smith's Grove could do nothing but watch as an EF-2 tornado ripped straight through the area.

"After driving around later that day. When you were here the last time we saw all the damage. It was so widespread up here, we realized we were very fortunate that it didn't get worse here." said Co-Owner of the Bryce Inn, Bob Lightfoot.

"I did have a breakdown day. I weeped and weeped and got it out of my system. We were looking at it and saying, how could we have survived this, how could anyone have survived this?" commented Esli Pelly of The Garden Patch.

The Bryce Inn and Pelly's Farm Fresh Market are making progress. The farm even had a volunteer day where more than 100 people came to help, including some from Alabama and Indiana.

"We just feel truly blessed to have so many great friends and customers that are interested in what we're doing. They all want to come and do something. The farm shows it right now. We've made huge strides in cleaning up." added Pelly.

The Bryce Inn has had to remodel rooms due to the damage including installing hardwood floors. They couldn't have done it without help along the way.

"It's nice to know that people care. Friends and family. We got a lot of cards and letters and emails. It helps." said Lightfoot.

Though both places have a long way to go, they're thankful for their safety and best of all, they're open for business.

"We really appreciate all the calls we've gotten. Are you open? Are you ready? We're ready to go!" exclaimed Pelly.

"It's been trying, to get everything back rolling. Like i said, we''re about 50% right now, but it could have been a lot worse." added Lightfoot.

The owners of the Bryce Inn say they suffered about $100,000 worth of damage, and Pelly's is still calculating their costs.

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