Businesses Thrive As Temperatures Rise

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) Some business owners in the area say the depend on warm weather to thrive.

"Sunshine and high 70s, low 80s and it just brings them out," said Sandy Fulgham, the owner of Simply Mulch.

"You can't even compare the winter to the summer. I mean, a lot more people come during the summer than we have in the winter," said Ron Burchett, the owner of Otte Golf & Family Fun Center.

Whether their customers have a green thumb or a great golf swing, business owners in town say they're happy to see them after a long, slow winter.

"We kind of hibernate in the winter time. We don't do a lot. We get ready for mulch in the winter time, for sales, and then when it starts getting warm, we hit the ground running," Fulgham said.

"The warmer months are when our business is, don't get me wrong, golfers will hit year round out here in the winter, but it's good to see the families out here," Burchett said.

Fulgham said plant and mulch sales have picked up the past couple weeks.

"We will be busy probably through June if the weather holds up good," he said.

He also says the greenhouse is full of flowers and shrubs, which the plant manager says are finally safe to plant.

"We may have cooler temperatures here and there, and hopefully have some weekly rains and than kind of thing, but all in all the weather seems to be holding up and it looks like now is the time -- I think all the frosting and lower temperatures are past us," said Brian McClure, the plant manager at Simply Mulch.

Over at Otte Golf & Family Fun Center, Burchett said the batting cages and mini-golf have already gotten busy again.

"We're playing many rounds of miniature golf, a lot of families -- 60, 70, 80 people a night -- things like that. So it's gone well."

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