Businesses Thriving During Warmer Weather

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- "It's good to finally hold my racket I've been waiting to hold for a while, so very excited, I have my racket and my tennis ball with me and it's nice to see my friends out here. So it's feeling very nice," said Shahbaz Munawar, who was at Keriakes Park.

Whether it was playing sports, walking or biking, everyone at Keriakes Park was enjoying the warm, sunny day. Especially one boy who was able to have his 10th birthday party outside.

"We played capture-the-flag and football and had a Nerf war," said Levi Booth.

Those who work outside in all weather conditions were especially grateful for the spring-like day.

"Usually you got too much clothes on and it's hard to move around," said Steve Shoup, a tree trimmer for The Tree Man.

Those at ACE Hardware were stuck working inside, but already are seeing signs of their busiest season, as cold-weather supplies have been pushed aside.

"All week long, we've seen people coming in for grass seed, fertilizer, wanting top soil, potting soil, whatever they need to get their lawns and their gardens started early this year," said Steve Motter, the manager at ACE Hardware.

While you might be eager to buy those things, you may want to wait a few weeks before letting your green thumb get too busy planting.

"There are an awful lot of things that need to wait until there are no threats of freezes," Motter said.

However, Shoup said you do need keep an eye on your trees to make sure they stay healthy.

"If you see a fungus on it or bark starting to peel off it, if you see more woodpeckers come around it means you've got more bugs. This is the prime time to start looking at your trees," Shoup said.

From the parks to the hardware store, most seemed happy to have a little taste of spring to get them through what's left of winter.

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