Businesses and Lawmakers Worried About Health Care Changes

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The sometimes confusing, often controversial issue that is health care was discussed from many sides Tuesday in Lexington.

In a bi-partisan effort Congressmen Andy Barr R-Lexington, John Yarmuth D-Louisville, Brett Guthrie R-Bowling Green and Phil Roe R-Kingsport, TN listened to the concerns of business people insurance officials and support groups.

"As women come in and out of our breast cancer support group, I know who will live and who will die based on what kind of insurance they have. I have seen this many times, where medical necessity should determine our outcomes in health care, greed often does instead," said breast cancer survivor Debbie Basham.

While Basham is in support of the Affordable Health Care Act, others are not.

One of the biggest concerns is nothing is clear about the new health care changes for businesses.

"Businesses do not like uncertainty, at this time there is significant uncertainty about the Affordable Health Care Act's impact on Lectrodryer both financially and operationally," said Lectrodryer CEO, John McPhearson.

"You heard businesses today today talk about how they've made decisions to put off hiring, they can't make decisions because they don't know what the price is going to be, the cost is going to be. We heard the lady from Kentucky Health Insurance Exchanges today, who says they'll be ready October first, but she can't tell what the prices are going to be," said Congressman Guthrie.

Congressman Yarmuth was the only democrat on the panel today, and while he supports the health care act, he doesn't agree with a provision that would allow current part time employees to get health benefits.

"I've said all along that I thought there needed to be some fixes. I think the way we define full time employees and the 30 hour rule was an unintended consequence of the law," said Yarmuth.

The October first date for changes is approaching quickly and lawmakers and business alike are preparing for the changes.

Even though open enrollment is more than a month away, there is a call center to help answer any questions Kentuckians may have.

The Kynect contact center says open enrollment runs through March 31st 20-14. Insurance coverage becomes active on January first of next year. There are four levels of coverage.

The phone number to call a representative is 1-855-469-6328.

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