Busy Weekend Expected at Lake

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Folks who work at marinas are expecting a busy weekend on the lake this 4th of July.

"Last year we had rain three days near the 4th of July. That killed the marinas. This time, we've got lake levels right on the money," said Wayne Shelton, the owner of Narrows Marina.

Water levels are fine, but blue algae is a concern for some.

Shelton said every Kentucky lake has always had it -- some levels higher than others.

"They're not asking for people to stay out of the water, just be cautious of it. They way we see it -- it's just something everyone's blowing up big for no reason," he said.

He said it's still a good idea to shower when you're done swimming, and don't swallow the water.

It certainly wasn't stopping one family from Orlando from jumping in.

"The water is gorgeous. The kids are tubing. They're having a great time. The temperature's great, and it's nice and clear," said Ken Veneziano.

Those great water conditions mean a lot of boats and swimmers.

"Make sure they have their life jackets on. Keep children 12 and under with a ski vest on so they're well protected. Do watch the other boaters, because some boaters are having such a good time they're not watching what they're doing," Shelton advised.

More boaters means a need for new docks, which the marina is working on.

"We're using this dock to replace the dock the ice storm hit back in winter and took the roof off it. We're going to keep that bottom structure of that -- make it open slips. With the new covered slips we have now, we should be able to cover more people," Shelton said.

The 14 new docks will be ready in about a week.

It's not just boating at the lake this weekend.

Barren River Lake State Resort Park will have live music and big fireworks Friday night.

The festivities begin at 6:00.

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