Butler County Residents Campaign to Stop Bullying Through Facebook

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Community members in Butler County are now taking a stance to stop bullying.

A Facebook page has gained several followers after Thursday's tragic events when a teen took her own life.

Since Jaclyn Daugherty took her own life last Thursday community members in Morgantown have taken a stand to stop bullying.

A facebook page was set-up last year when fourteen-year-old Zakry Adkins lost his life.

Around 40 people joined the cause.

Now, the people of Butler County have taken a stance.

Since Thursday the page has gained over 800 followers.

Former Butler County cafeteria worker Stephanie Dunn says when she created the Facebook page she wanted students and parents to use it for advice.

"Just how to help our kids... And what we need to for our kids in the community to help them deal with bullying and taking care of the bullier. I want the kids to say 'Hey, I'm going to do something.'"

She says it's time for the community to step in, because the bullying isn't going away without outside help.

"It's here and it ain't gonna leave unless somebody takes a stand," Dunn says, "When my daughter was bullied her teacher said well, I never saw anything. I had the evidence that she was bruised. Pay more attention see what's going on in your classroom."

Nikki Adams has been a victim of bullying at Butler County High School.

"The girls were picking on me and calling me every name in the book. I had gone up to the assistant principal three times and did three different papers of harrassment charges on them. And when the assistant principal wouldn't do anything I told him that, 'You need to do something or we are going to end up in a fight.'"

Dunn is looking to have a community meeting to discuss the bullying problem in Butler County.

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