Butler County Woman Remembers Son's Battle With Cancer on Anniversary of Diagnosis

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It was six years ago today, a Butler County family discovered their son had cancer.

This was Robert Cunningham, happy and healthy wearing his St. Jude Marathon shirt. His mother remembers that day with irony, and later recalls the day her son had a swollen knee and a fever, the day she discovered her son had leukemia.

"This whole time I'm thinking he has a staph infection. He got caught on a fish hook with his knee. I Never dreamed it could be cancer. Never... Never," said Cunningham.

So it was on to St. Jude, where Robert received a bone marrow transplant from his two-year old sister. For seven months, St. Jude gave his family food and a place to live.

"The last thing you're thinking about is where I am going to live? How am I going to take care of myself? You're worried about your child," said Cunningham.

Following the transplant, Robert went into remission, but only for 18 months. He returned to St. Jude, and this time he met a girl from Butler County.

"It's unthinkable to have two kids in your community diagnosed with the same type of cancer. When Raven was diagnosed, Robert was already there, and he met Raven at the door, as they had brought her there, and gave her a dream box, and that was something to store her dreams in," said family friend and Butler County High School employment coordinator Tammy Spurgeon.

If Cunningham had a dream box, you might find it in it the cure for cancer, even if it comes too late for Robert and Raven.

"We still support St. Jude. I had Robert 34 months after the diagnosis, Raven... her family wasn't quite as lucky, but we've got to find the cure for this cancer so these other kids don't have to go through this mess. I'd like to go back to Memphis... just so I could be with the doctors. There's just a really strong bond. Um.... You miss them. Even though I don't have my son, and Jenny doesn't have Raven, we'd love to go back. We'd love to go see them all again," said Cunningham.

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