Camera System Connects NICU Babies With Families At Home

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Two hundred babies are born at The Medical Center each month and most parents get to take them home.

Unfortunately, five are currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), but through a camera system installed two weeks ago, their parents can see them from home.

"If you're a new mom with a sick baby, you might wake up at two in the morning and be worried and want to check in," said Caitlin Burklow, the director of Women's Services at The Medical Center.

NICVIEW makes that possible.

It's a system with live online-streaming that works using a mounted camera on the baby's bed.

"So it's pretty awesome, they can log on on their iPhone, iPad or their laptop at home and be able just to see the baby and assure that they're doing okay," Burklow said.

Sarah Keiderling had her first baby two months early July 1.

She visits Christopher daily to see his progress, but after just moving with her husband from Oregon, she can't always be there and he's expected to stay in the hospital for several more weeks.

"They asked about the cameras and if I'd like a live feed, and definitely, with not being able to take him home, it's been fantastic," Keiderling said.

It's a secure system.

Each mom gets her own username and password, but they can also share it.

"His grandparents get to check on him anytime they want -- aunts, uncles, cousins. Anywhere from California to New England and Ohio -- they've been able to tune into the camera and really get to see him," Keiderling said.

Hospital officials said the $35,000, 10-camera investment is really taking off.

"We're really excited to say we've already had over 1,500 log-ins, over 12 different states, 10 different countries," Burklow said.

The Medical Center is the first Kentucky hospital to use NICVIEW.

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