Camp Meeting Site, Preacher Honored Through New Highway Historical Marker

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BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Years of work restoring one of the last remaining camp meeting sites in Kentucky has ended with Barren County getting a highway historical marker from the state.

This morning the marker was unveiled at a dedication ceremony.

If you drive down Tompkinsville Road in Glasgow, you'll eventually come across a new Kentucky Highway Historical Marker.

It honors not only a rare camp meeting site, but a man who preached there a century ago -- Henry Clay Morrison.

"He was known nationwide. He was one of the most sought-after ministers. It was just amazing the notoriety that he had. He went around the world and published a paper called the Pentecostal Herald -- one of the most successful religious publications -- for 54 years of his life. It went nationwide so that's how he was known," said Gary Bewley, president of the Morrison Park Camp Association.

Morrison was a Methodist preacher and pioneer of the Holiness Movement and founded Morrison Park in the summer of 1900.

"He called it sacred ground. In its time, it was a two-week annual event. It drew in great numbers. People came and lived here, stayed here, worshiped here," Bewley said.

It was a long, hard $2,500 process to get the site approved, but he said getting the marker was a must.

"He lived here. This is where God saved him, and he came here as often as possible to hold camp meetings. This was his ancestral home, so it's just fitting that we remember him and have this marker. Hopefully, that marker will always show people the history and importance of this place and we'll always care for and make sure it's always at its very best."

A few of Morrison's descendants traveled from several states across the country to be at the ceremony.

"We learned about him as we were growing up. You don't really appreciate what he means to people who aren't family members, but who knew him and experienced his preaching and his leadership. So, to come here and see how much he meant to so many people is just very rewarding," said Nelson Hoffman, one of Morrison's great grandsons.

Morrison also founded and was president of Asbury College in Wilmore.

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