Campbellsville Recovers From Severe Weather Damage

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Campbellsville, Ky (WBKO) -- Early morning storms damaged commercial property on West Main Street in Campbellsville. The roof of Magnolia Alley Floral Shop blew completely off of the building, causing serious damage to the neighborhood.

Around six-o-clock this morning, heavy winds and hail blew the roof into West Main Street. A power line caught a piece of the metal, weighing down the lines, causing the neighborhood to lose power for hours. The winds snapped a power pole at it's base, resulting in the power lines catching the pole before touching the ground.

Unfortunately, the roof continued to blow across the street, crashing into a home.

"I heard the garage door break and I thought I think we have more problems than the hail. I was running around the house panicking and I didn't know what to do. By the time it occurred to me that I should take shelter, it was done. When I first looked outside, I thought our porch caved in, but it wasn't our porch. It was the roof from across the street. It is just crazy," said Krista Kessler, tenant.

Two of Kessler's cars were damaged, along with a Porsche that was parked in the drive way. Luckily, most of the severe damage exists on the outside of her home.

"There was so much pressure from the rain, there was some water that came in by the window seals and under the door. Part of our carpet is soaked, but other than that there is no damage inside of the house, thankfully," said Krista Kessler, tenant.

Workers outside of the florist say a sub roof protected their building from heavy damage. However, there is minor leaking.

Large mounds of hail did not melt until late into the afternoon. Unfortunately, sever weather damaged more than just this neighborhood.

"It's a big mess. There is roof laying in the middle of the parking lot and signs laying everywhere. I'm surprised that nobody got injured or damaged. I'm sure somebody could have really got hurt," said

Kentucky Utilities will be working until dark, restoring power for the city.

Red Cross has been on scene throughout the day, providing resources for residents without power.

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