Cattle Theft in Barren County

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Police say thousands of dollars in cattle were stolen from the Farmer's Livestock Market in Glasgow early Tuesday morning, and employ es say it was a huge loss to the stockyard.

"We're going to have to make up that difference somehow, hopefully insurance will pay for it," says office manager Carolyn Hutchison.

Hutichson received a call around six this morning about a possible cattle theft.

When she went back and looked on surveillance footage she noticed an old black pick-up truck with a utility trailer attached pull into the parking lot.

The thief originally took eleven Holstein steers, but one fell off the trailer as the truck pulled away.

"Some of the employees were on sight at the time. There's traffic in and out here a lot so they weren't aware of it until somebody had questioned somebody else and they realized they had been taken," says Barren County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Wilson.

"A lot of the cattle are being loaded out during the night after our sale yesterday. You don't notice when someone comes in with just a trailer that's hooked to the back of their truck, you don't notice them as much. You think it's just another farmer getting their cattle. We try to load out each one of them ourselves. We have really tried to crack down on that, but this one slipped through the cracks."

Hutchison says the truck was in and out within minutes.

She expects the thief knew how to handle cattle, noting that the person had to have known Monday's are their busiest days.

She says though a beef cow is worth a lot more money, it would have taken a lot longer to load, while a Holstein steer is easily moved.

"Today's society has gotten worse. They'll steal anything and everything. It's not nailed down, it's quick money, quick exchange. They can take them to another stockyard," Hutchison says.

About $5,800 in cattle were taken.

If you have any information, you can contact the Barren County Sheriff's Office at 651-2771, or call their tip-line at 646-8771.

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