Cave City Residents to Vote on Alcohol Sales

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Residents in Cave City could soon see an increase in alcohol sales and distribution.

A special option election is scheduled in Cave City next week to vote on this issue.

As a lifelong Cave City resident, Janet Holder, has seen a decline in tourism due to the city's alcoholic limitations.

"Well, they come in and they say, You all don't sell liquor? We say, No I am sorry, we don't. Then, they ask, what is the closest place? We tell them Bowling Green," Holder said.

Larry Mutter is another resident who serves on the Cave City Forward Committee. As a former hotel manager, Larry has seen a negative impact on local businesses. So he, along with several others, decided something should be done.

"We came to the idea of how we can help Cave City the most and that was getting packaged liquor here," Mutter said.

Larry says when the local hotels go unoccupied, there is a direct affect on other industries, including the town's attractions, antique stores, and restaurants.

Currently, Cave City is moist, meaning a few restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol by the drink. The upcoming election will determine if the city goes wet, which would allow package stores to come to the area. Tourism officials say this vote is all about progress.

"It's all about economic survival. It's about providing people with the amenities that they're accoustomed to. If you're going to attract new industry, or new businesses, companies moving in want to be able to offer their employees or their staff the amenities they're accoustomed to receiving at home," Sharon Tabor, Executive Director of Cave City's Tourist and Convention Commission, said.

But, not all locals support this reasoning, saying it's not the residents who will be served.

"I think all-in-all, as I stated earlier, the people who own the stores are going to be the one who benefit."

However, Janet believes the change would be a win-win for everyone.

"I think that it will help this town and it will help our store," Holder said.

Voting polls for the two Cave City precincts will be set up at the Cave City Convention Center on Tuesday, July 22nd, from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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